Classic soups: Irresistible taste in Czech cuisine

Soups are an integral part of Czech cuisine. From grandma’s recipes to the popular specialties of Czech restaurants, soups are an integral part of everyday food in this country. In the Czech Republic, a wide range of classic soups are prepared, which not only taste delicious, but can also warm the soul and body. Join us as we introduce you to some of the most important Czech classic soups.

  1. Potato soup:
    Potato soup is one of the most popular Czech soups. It is made from potatoes, vegetables, spices and often smoked meat or mushrooms are added to it. The potato soup is thick and filling, ideal for winter and cold days. Its rich taste and aroma will make this soup a delicacy for everyone.
  2. Kulajda:
    Kulajda is another traditional Czech soup that is typical of the regions of South Bohemia and Moravia. It is made from potato stock, cream, egg, dill and mushrooms. This soup is lighter in texture and tastes cool due to the sour taste of the pickle juice. Kulajda is popular both in summer and winter.
  3. Tripe:
    For adventurous foodies, there is tripe soup, which is very popular in Czech cuisine. The main ingredient of this soup is tripe, which is cooked together with root vegetables, onions and herbs. Tripe soup has a strong and rich flavor and is often served with bun pasta or bread. If you’re in the mood for something a little unconventional, try this soup.
  4. Beef broth with noodles:
    Beef broth with noodles is another classic Czech soup that is popular with both adults and children. It is made from beef broth, vegetables and homemade noodles. This soup is light and refreshing, perfect as a main course or as an appetizer. Adding fresh parsley or lemon juice adds freshness to this dish.
  5. Bean soup:
    Fasolada is one of the most traditional Czech soups. It is made from beans, vegetables, smoked meat and spices. This soup has a thick texture and rich flavor. Served with sauerkraut or pickled gherkins. Bean salad is a great choice for those looking for a filling and nutritious meal.

These classic Czech soups mentioned above are just some of the many delicacies that Czech cuisine offers. Each of these soups has its own unique ingredients and traditions that bring out irresistible flavors. When visiting the Czech Republic, be sure to try one of these traditional soups and explore the country’s rich cultural heritage through its cuisine. Good appetite!

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